Legal professional
with no time to create content?

Are you a newly-solo legal professional?

Is there a bit of panic about how you’re going to get clients (without the backup of a marketing team)?

I’ve got you.

Let’s take it off your desk and onto mine.

becky whittaker copywriting with dog on sofa

You’re a legal professional with a lack of time (and possibly the inclination) to deal with
content marketing to attract new clients.


It’s probably as clear as day to you why prospective clients should choose you…
but does your content reflect these values? 


A legal copywriter can help attract potential clients to your website,
increase readership, and ultimately generate new business.


Legal copywriting which is accurate, up-to-date and thought provoking demonstrates
your knowledge and wins trust.


I provide high quality and effective legal copywriting  services.


Outsourcing your legal copy allows me to do what I do best. So you can do what you do best.

It’s not YOU,
It’s the copy.

When your digital content is effective, it’s what differentiates you from other legal professionals.

Great content requires knowing what your potential clients want, why they get up in the morning, and –

Exactly why you can help them.


Give your website visitors a reason to choose your expert
legal services.

Content marketing is an investment in your business, it takes time,

but the rewards are terrific.





Becky is a fantastic copywriter who has helped me immensely in crafting regular legal blogs for my website.

Steven Mather
Business Lawyer, Steven Mather

Great writer and a pleasure to work with. Always turns out engaging, well-researched articles and helps brighten the day a little.

Finn Bartram
Editor, SPeople Managing People

I speak your clients’ language

Your legal services and advice are a professional skill.

The same can be said of copywriting.

I know the questions your ideal clients are asking and the reassurance they need to partner with your business.

Consistent, high quality, legal content will generate more website traffic – equalling more clients for you.

I can help you explain exactly why you are the answer to your target clients’ problems.

becky whittaker copywriter writing at desk

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