Becky Whittaker

Well hello there, I’m Becky. I’m so glad you’ve
found me.

Writing is my thing, so I made it into a career. 

That, and sitting in a beer garden with an ice cold pint, but sadly I haven’t found a way to make that into a career. Yet. 

My past work with a developer has helped me determine exactly how to keep Google sweet, what makes websites rank, and how vital the user journey is on your website. 

And how content will always be numero uno to entice your maybe-customers into actual-customers. 

I specialise in digital marketing, writing for SaaS businesses, and for the legal industry. 

becky whittaker seo copywriter in thinking pose with pen

Meet Snoop.

Integral to my creative process, she’s constantly by my side as I’m crafting my latest content. She also loves a pint.

A regular on my LinkedIn posts, she’s also been known to interrupt a Zoom call by launching herself onto my lap.


We’ve been working with Becky as a freelance content writer for a number of years.

She’s a dedicated, reliable, and communicative writer who we consistently trust to create high-quality content of various types and on a wide range of different topics.

She works well to tight timeframes and always delivers content of the highest standard.

Stevie Carpenter

Head of Content & Outreach, Accelerate SEO Agency

Get the results you
want with dreamy SEO

There’s plenty of folk about promising quick wins and overnight SEO success, but the real results come from playing the long game.

I don’t promise position one on Google for super competitive keywords. I don’t guarantee
you’ll land a Featured Snippet.

(Although I have had three in my time, just sayin’ ????????‍♀️)

Content is just one piece of a quite frankly, complex SEO puzzle.

Your site structure, usability, mobile optimisation, and backlink profile have important roles to play in your website’s ability to rank.

But with my help – your blog posts and website content won’t be what’s holding you back.