I write, so
you don’t
have to.

Right this second, thousands of your
potential customers are asking questions
about your business’s services.

It’s our job to answer them (with great content, obvs).

becky whittaker copywriting with dog on sofa

All well and good, I hear you say.

I get it.

If you’re a business owner, chances are, you have little time (and probably inclination) to deal with content marketing to get your business seen by the right people.

If I asked you why your business rocks, I’m sure you’d tell me exactly why. But is your content doing a good job of that, too?

I provide high quality and effective copywriting and content writing services.

Mainly for digital marketing agencies and professional people like lawyers and accountants (but I don’t rule anyone out!)

Giving you the words to define what your business does, what makes it great, and why prospects should choose you.

It’s not YOU,
It’s the copy.

Does your digital content do what it’s supposed to do?

It should.

It’s what differentiates you from other businesses.

Great content requires knowing what your potential clients want, why they get up in the morning, and –

Exactly why you can help them. 


Give your website visitors a reason to choose your business.

Content marketing is an investment in your business, it takes time, but the rewards are terrific.


The vast majority of the words you see online is written for the person writing it – not for your audience.

That nonsense stops here.



Becky is a really good copywriter with excellent knowledge of SEO best practice. I've always found her to be really communicative and engaging. She asks lots of questions - which is really positive because it means the end result is better with fewer amends. Her work is to a very high standard and always completed on time.

Kyle Rushton-McGregor
Senior SEO Consultant, Common Ground SEO Agency

What is not to love about a copywriter who does such great research-driven content to optimise your website? Becky is such a find and I work with her on several of my clients. In fact, I liked her so much she now forms part of the Saltmarsh Squad delivering high quality websites for clients in legal. I am precious about copywriting, it is my secret passion, but I know with Becky it is always in the best of hands.

Helen Burness
Founder, Saltmarsh Marketing

Are you struggling with a lack
of time?

Perfectly normal.

Perhaps you can’t quite work out how to integrate copy as part of your overall marketing strategy.

If this sounds like you, welcome aboard.

I can help you explain exactly why your business is the answer to your target audience’s problems. Check out my portfolio here or scroll down for my latest blogs.

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